Wedding of Jena Crispo and Nathan Reel (Oct 2014)

 Wedding of Jena Crispo and Nathan Reel (Oct 2014)

Jena Crispo and Nathan Reel seal The Reel Deal in Steampunk style at Three Chimneys Inn, Durham, NH on Oct 03, 2014. Photos have now been published on SmugMug for printing and on Facebook for tagging and sharing.Please don't download and then re-upload photos. Doing so will reduce the photo quality and make kittens cry. If you'd like to use photos for your Facebook profile simply tag yourself, the photo will appear in "Photos of You", and will then be available when you click "Update Profile Picture".

Photo Credits

  • Sean Sosik-Hamor - Primary Shooter

  • Will Lincoln - Second Shooter

  • Valerie Lincoln - Photo Booth

If you have photos that you'd like added to or linked from Jena and Nathan's official online album please contact us!

Tagging on Facebook

The photos have been split up into eight separate albums to make viewing easier.

  • B-Roll and Setup - Behind the scenes, closeups, and miscellaneous artsy fartsy.

  • Rehearsal - You didn't think we could pull this off without some practice, did you?

  • Bridals - It's bad luck for the groom to see the bride getting ready but nothing's wrong with a lascivious peek after the fact!

  • Ceremony - This is where The Reel Deal was sealed!

  • Portraits - Sometimes you have to strike a pose!

  • Reception - A good time was had by all!

  • Photo Booth - Such silly! Many fun! Very costume!

  • Outtakes - Interesting shots that didn't make the album but I didn't have the heart to delete.

  • Private - For the wedding party's eyes only.

Ordering Prints from SmugMug


We use SmugMug for all custom printing services and ask that you do as well. Since this photography package was a wedding gift to Jena and Nate all print prices have been kept as low as possible. Downloading photos from the Web to print using other services will reduce the image quality and will result in blurry prints.

  1. Visit The Reel Deal event landing page on SmugMug.

  2. You will be optionally asked to register to receive a custom Event link. This is so you can flag Favorites to print later.

  3. While browsing the photos in the albums click the Heart icon at the bottom of the page to add to Favorites.

  4. Once Favorites have been chosen, click "See All >" or "View My Favorites", then either click the green Buy button or mouse over the thumbnail and click the Shopping Cart icon.

  5. Click "Select All" or click individual photos to select them.

  6. Once photos are selected click "Add Photos to Cart" or change the print or product type by clicking "Change Product".

  7. Follow the on-screen instructions.

Many sizes and styles of prints are available. For an explanation of print types, see the SmugMug Bay Photo Catalog. Lustre and Float Mounted MetalPrint are our favorites. Caution! Photo Booth photos are square. If printing, be sure to Change Product to a square print.