Speed Grapher


For the past week or two I've been Netflixing a few episodes of Speed Grapher per night on the Wii as background amusement while working in Lightroom. I added it to my Instant Queue since the excerpt described the main character as a photojournalist and the main antagonist is voiced by Christopher Ayres whom I had a chance to photograph and hang out with last April at Anime Boston 2010.

Speed Grapher follows the exploits of former war photographer Tatsumi Saiga, who investigates a secret fetish club for the ultra-wealthy called the Roppongi Club. He tries to photograph the club's "goddess", a 15-year-old, exploited girl named Kagura, but is discovered. As he is about to be killed, Kagura kisses him, granting him the ability to destroy anything he photographs. Source

But that's pretty much where any actual relation to real photography ends. With the exception of Tatsumi occasionally finger framing subjects or discussing his past as a photojournalist no actual photography takes place in the series. And that's okay. It's a Gonzo action series, not a training film, so steer clear if you're not an Anime fan.But if you are an Anime fan who also happens to be a photographer then Speed Grapher, at 24 episodes of mature silliness, will alleviate quite a few hours of boredom.[amazon_carousel widget_type="ASINList" width="590" height="200" title="Related products" market_place="US" shuffle_products="True" show_border="False" asin="B00127R2Y2" /]